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nocturn ulist at gs1.ubuntuforums.org
Mon Jan 17 13:50:51 UTC 2005

Buffalo Soldier Wrote: 
> 7) If a person feels so strongly about KDE, perhaps they should be
> using, supporting, giving feedback or help developing distributions
> that are using KDE. And vice versa.

There is a KDE version of Ubuntu in the making Kubuntu, I learned this
on this forum.  I think it is driven by volunteers, not canonical.

> But among many of the reasons we choose Ubuntu (it could be speed,
> stability, nice looking or whatever) I believe part of it GNOME played
> a part in it. I'm not saying Ubuntu is all good and yummy because it
> used GNOME, but we can not deny GNOME's contribution (maybe a little,
> maybe a lot) in making Ubuntu what we like so much.

Ubuntu has a feature that makes it truly unique, it offers Debian/Apt
which is great, but adds regular and predictable release schedules to
it.    It  has security updates, something that neither Sarge or Mepis
has AFAIK.

> 9) I can't speak for other users who like GNOME. But for me to be using
> KDE based distro (such as MEPIS) and then complaining to the developer
> and asking them to develop GNOME for their distribution is not nice. 

Actually, the next version of Mepis will include both (from the install
CD).  The reasoning behind it is to allow the users who like MEPIS
choice, which is good.

I too am tired off the Desktop-religion wars.  I wan't both KDE ang
Gnome and optionally a third DE to stick arround.  This way, we never
develop a complete dependency on one project (as happened with Xfree). 

I commend Ubuntu for including KDE in Universe.  Although I run it with
Gnome myself, the computers for my wife and parents run Ubuntu with KDE.


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