Screwy Taskbar Sizes

Nathan Howell nathan at
Mon Jan 17 05:36:37 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2004-23-12 at 06:07 -0600, Kent Frazier wrote:
> The taskbar, however, is not giving proper room to the applications on
> it.  If I have 6 apps open, they will all fit in a very tiny space
> while most of the taskbar goes unused (see attached screenshots).  I
> have been searching for a setting to change this behavior, but I
> cannot find anything anywhere.  I have a feeling it is a setting
> rather than a bug, but I can't figure out how to change it.  Anyone
> out there know how I would do this?  Anyone else experiencing this
> behavior?  I had noticed that Gnome did something like this before,
> but to a much lesser degree.  Now it is affecting useability.  Please
> help.

Just increase the minimum size for the applet in its preferences for


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