mixing mailboxes in the command line and the gui

Magnus Therning magnus at therning.org
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On Fri, Jan 14, 2005 at 01:04:10PM +0100, josé ángel madrid gómez wrote:
>I know there are some command line apps to check email. In order to
>prevent problems if my X won't start, I would like to learn the
>procedure for reading and sending emails using a console.

Just be warned. You might end up converting to using a console app all
the time, that's what I've done after using both for a while.

>I would prefer to be able to use an unique "repository" of my emails I
>mean, being able to read emails in a console way, or a gui way, using
>the same directories.
>Is there the chance of doing this? Should I configure, say, mutt in a
>way that it uses the same mailboxes and configuration as thunderbird

I am doing this. But my setup is a bit complicated since I had some
extra requirements.

Unfortunately Thunderbird can't be pointed to a set of directories for
mails, instead it either downloads mail itself and sorts it into
mailboxes that mutt can't read, or it gets mail from an IMAP server.

The second unfortunate thing is that mutt's IMAP is quite crappy (at
least it was). mutt however, can be pointed to a set of directories for

The easiest (local mail) setup is probably the following:

Fetch email from your ISP using fetchmail, optionally you can use
procmail to sort it into different boxes. Then configure an IMAP server
(Ubuntu offers bincimap, courier-imap, cyrus21-imapd, dovecot-imapd,
uw-imapd) to serve up the mails from the boxes.

Point mutt to use the mailboxes on disk directly.
Point Thunderbird to use the IMAP server.


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