Using floppies

Sven Wagschal s.wagschal at
Fri Jan 14 11:09:59 UTC 2005

Norman Silverstone schrieb:
> Could someone please explain the following. I mount a floppie containing
> some files. On double clicking the icon which appears on the desktop I
> get a window showing the contents of the floppy. If I now run an
> application such as OpenOffice and select open file and look at the list
> given for desktop the file of the contents of the floppy does not show.
> However, if I copy one of the files from the floppie window to the
> desktop that does show. My reason for asking is that from time to time I
> need to use floppies and I am trying to work out the simplest way of
> handling them.
> Norman

This is not a Mac, so floppies (and other removable media) are not 
mounted into your desktop or home directory, but into /media. There is 
only an icon appearing on you desktop which you can double click for 
accessing the files on your disk. So if you are looking for the contents 
of your floppy disk in an open or save dialogue, you have to browse to 

OOo does not use the new gnome open dialogue, but in applications using 
it you will find list of available volumes on the left where you can 
select your floppy disk quite easily.

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