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Mon Feb 28 19:50:12 UTC 2005

Il giorno lun, 28-02-2005 alle 13:40 -0500, blunt ha scritto:
>hey there.
>i bought recently a *sound blaster audigyls* too, and i installed alsa
>drivers 1.0.8 with no problems.. just defined the driver to cac0106 and
>its done.. but im having a strange problem, and cos im a real noob in
>linux (ubuntu made me quit on xp), i dont have a clue on what to do. i
>have sound, but i didnt disabled the onboard soundcard. it looks like
>that it disabled itself when it foundthe drivers for sblaster. 
>*i bought this sound card to be able to have duplex*, i mean, to have
>sound on 2 apps at the same time, *but that isnt happening.* i also
>dont have sound on quake3 and i used to have with my onboard soundcard.

For quake3 and alsa, run this as root:

echo "quake.x86 0 0 direct" > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0p/oss
echo "quake.x86 0 0 disable" > /proc/asound/card0/pcm0c/oss

For other quake3-based games you can do the same, just change the name
of the binary (ie for enemy territory it's et.x86)

Egon Bianchet

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