IBM Thinkpad T41 Power Off

GavinX ulist at
Wed Aug 10 14:21:59 UTC 2005

Harry Wert Wrote: 
> I am currently using Ubuntu with my IBM Thinkpad T41 which works 
> beautifully as far as Ubuntu is concerned. I have a minor annoyance 
> which I wonder if others have experienced concerning failure to turn
> all 
> the way Off when exercising the Shutdown command.  I have done the
> usual 
> experimentation with Bios options - none of which have had any effect. 
> I have not been able to figure out how to isolate the problem between 
> Unbuntu or the Laptop itself.  The laptop is dual boot Windows Xp and 
> Linux and shuts down correcly under Windows.  Any pointers would be 
> appreciated.  This is not a high priority item, just a nuisance

Follow the instructions given in this post:



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