After reading the support threads I am baffled

Arjan Geven arjangeven at
Wed Aug 3 10:18:30 UTC 2005

On 8/3/05, James <infohwyman at> wrote:
> Does it not occur to anyone at UBUNTU that no root user causes us to not
> be able to get into a logged in prompt where we can type sudo -s?
> I cannot find anywhere, one shred of why this has not been addressed.  I
> tried the sudo -s from a live boot after installing it, and of course
> that did not work because it is in a different session that I made my
> changes.  Does anyone have a reasonable answer why this Linux for the
> people is harder than any other to get into?
> James

I've no idea what you're talking about? I've never needed a
root-account at all, and am not missing it. You can just log in with
your username/password and type $sudo anything to perform what you
want to do as root. Or, if I remember correctly, if you boot into
'Safe Mode' you automagically get root-access.


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