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Rituraj Buddhisagar rituraj.buddhisagar at nevisnetworks.com
Thu Sep 30 14:02:51 UTC 2004

Hi everyone;


I am a new user of Ubuntu linux. I haven't installed Ubuntu
yet(downloaded iso 2 times with an incorrect md5sum).

I have been using linux; mainly redhat for past 3 years or so. My area
of work is System Administration/Networking.


Lately I installed debian on my PC and it was a wonderful experience. I
love their philosophy; package management and the flexibility. I am very
much a Free Software user at heart. 


I would love to try Ubuntu for 2 major things: It is debian based(and
has a definitive roadmap which debian lacks for desktop users) and it
uses Gnome. I have tried Mepis and it really ROCKS. The kind of H/W
detection and GUI sophistication is really amazing. But I find the KDE
look a bit windowish; besides it does not have a roadmap (and is mostly
a One man show)


I have taken a lot from; learning a lot from OSS and I think I should
contribute to it something.

Although I am not a good developer as such; I am good at documentation
and may help Ubuntu by giving suggestions; making how-tos, and would
like to know the areas in Ubuntu wherein I can contribute.


Please let me know. The team of Ubuntu-Feel free to mail me.


rituraj at pune.nevisnetworks.com


All the best for You Guys!




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