VNC Remote connection

ThomasBeckett at ThomasBeckett at
Thu Sep 30 13:12:25 UTC 2004

I dont know if this message got through to the list before so im sending 
it again from my work address. Any help you can provide is greatly 

I want to enable reomote conenction to my Ubuntu box at home from my
machine here at work . I have set Gnome to allow remote connection. I
have also forwarded port 5900 (as well as 5901 - 5999 - just to see)  
from my router at home to my ubuntu box.
When I try to connect with Raal VNC (on windows) it fails with a
refused connection message (cant remember exact message as i dont have
my ubuntu box turned on today). nc does not list port 5900 as
listening even though i asked for remote connection to be enabled in
Gnome (Vino). I assume that when i enter the IP address of my
router/dsl modem at home, the packets are forwarded to my linux box on
port 5900, but that the box is not listening so it cant connect. How
can I open the port to listen?

Thanks for any help.


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