How to use a USB-based Palm?

Dan Trevino dantrevino at
Thu Sep 30 22:43:19 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2004-09-30 at 16:28 -0400, Scott Sweeny wrote:
> The /dev entry is only present when the device is trying to sync.  For
> example, i set gnome-pilot to sync with my clie on ttyUSB1.  Normally,
> this entry does not exist.  When I hit HotSync, the node is created,
> gpilotd (daemon watching for sync) sees this, and initiates the sync
> operation.  After, no trace of ttyUSB1 is to be found.
> ~Scott

This is how I got my Treo 600 sync'd:

+Computer...Desktop Preferences...Palm OS Devices
+Add /dev/ttyUSB1 in the 'Port' box
+Check 'USB'

Next until you get to the part where it tells you to press teh sync
button.  After you press it, go back and next.  You may need to do it a
few times.  Finally after 3 times, I was able to get my name from my

+Start Evolution
+Tools.....Pilot Settings

You should see your UserName in the 'Pilots' tab.  Fix your conduits to
your liking.

+Right-click on the Panel....Add to Panel...Pilot Applet

After a second or two you should see 'Ready to Synchronize' when you
mouse hove over it.

+Press you Sync button on your Palm
+Right-click on the Pilot Applet
+wait a sec

You may need several "Restarts" for it to connect.  I also had to
continue through a bunch of error dialogs, but finally, my Treo syncd.

There's got to be an easier way, but thats a discussion for another


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