Couple of questions about UbuntuPPC

Carlos Paramio carlos.paramio at
Thu Sep 30 17:06:25 UTC 2004

El Jueves, 30 de Septiembre de 2004 18:07, pieterjan escribió:
> Ethernet connection is OK however, I still can't get Airport to
> connect. Does anybody succeed and if yes, how?
> Is WEP encryption supported with Airport networking or should I turn it
> off? (I tried, no luck)

Yes, it's supported, but I didn't find any options on GUI interface for it. 
You must add a line on /etc/network/interfaces, like this:

wireless_key 1237861238

near your iface eth1 entries.

> Flash plugin for Firefox. Downloaded but doesn't work. Do I need to
> compile the source code?

You can install swf-player package. I don't remember if it's on main, 
restricted or universe. But it works for me.

> Furthermore, I like some kind of support for the mouse. Standard works
> but my two button + scrollwheel macally mouse doesnt't work at all.
> (actually, it works on my intell Ubutntu install)
> Any hacks available  for the xserver and the scroll mouse?

What problems do you have with it?

> Last, but not least: Finally, I can no play mp3's but not a normal
> audio CD. Any modules missing?

I didn't test it.

> Same for Totem. I have sound but no video output.
> Do I need codecs for playing AVI's and Mpegs? are they available for
> PPC?

Maybe totem-xine?

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