Couple of questions about UbuntuPPC

Erik Bågfors Zindar at
Thu Sep 30 17:06:11 UTC 2004

Since I know next to nothing about running it on mac I only answer
what I do know...

On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 18:07:24 +0200, pieterjan <pieterjan at> wrote:
> Ethernet connection is OK however, I still can't get Airport to
> connect. Does anybody succeed and if yes, how?
> Is WEP encryption supported with Airport networking or should I turn it
> off? (I tried, no luck)
> Nowhere, after installing, is there any question made about the
> encryption Key.

No, you have to set that manually in /etc/network/interfaces
wireless_essid whatever_you_have
wireless_key whatever_you_have

and I have been using linux with airport's lot's and no problem.


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