Install failure (internet)

John Levin john at
Wed Sep 29 23:42:02 UTC 2004

I'm having another crack at this, using Sounder 9.
Amongst the quick-scrolling text on pressing enter after the first 
splash screen, I've noticed the message:
FATAL: error loading thermal
scrolls too fast for me to read it, and i can't find it when later 
looking at dmesg.
I've googled for the phrase, but turned up nothing.

Can anyone help?



On 29 Sep 2004, at 12:51, John Levin wrote:

> Hi,
> I'm trying to install Ubuntu Warthog on an old 266mhz laptop. I've 
> tried both the Preview release and yesterdays cd, but run into the 
> same problem - namely everything freezes when I try to get onto the 
> net.
> First off all, during the second stage of the install, on trying to 
> download update soff the net I get the following error message:
> Testing apt sources...
> Err warty/main Packages
>   Could not connect to ( - 
> connect (113 No route to host)
> 0% [Connecting to (]
> and then everything freezes.
> If I skip this download stage, then boot up (everything seems fine - 
> checked dmesg etc) and open Firefox (set to go to the ubuntu 
> homepage), after about thirty seconds, the entire system freezes. 
> Pinging (via a terminal and virtual console (ie without an 
> x display) also freezes everything.
> I connect via a router, broadband, yenta socket - everything is 
> working fine for my other computers, including another 
> ubuntu-installed laptop.
> Done a quick scan of bugzilla, but couldn't find anything resembling 
> this.
> What now?
> John

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