Realone player?

Neil Woolford neil at
Wed Sep 29 23:03:54 UTC 2004

At 22:20 29/09/04, you wrote:

>Colin Yates wrote:
>>Any ideas how to install realone/helix/realplayer?

>On the mailing list Matthew Lenz says that Real's packaging 
>will overwrite the icons for media formats their player can read with 
>"Real" branded icons.  Even for users who don't mind proprietary software, 
>this seems particularly unpleasant.
>  for the thread.

My one attempt to install it on Windows shows that this kind of bad 
behaviour is a characteristic of Realplayer.  They also send you lots of 
spam if they get hold of your email address as part of the install 
process.  Usually snake-oil programs for 'accelerating your windows 
desktop' and naff games.  Avoid if possible.


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