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Pere P pere.linux at
Wed Sep 29 21:03:26 UTC 2004

Before nothing greetings to all list.

I am new in this passionate world of Linux. I am watching diverse
distributions, and few days ago I hear about Ubuntu, really I've seen
it as really interesting few seconds after and I would like to install
it and use in my laptop, and IBM thinkpad celeron 700.

My problem? Install process do not recognize my USB Ethernet adapter.

I need to connect many USB external devices so I need exhaustive
support for USB. My laptop has one USB 1.1 port, well I use it for
mouse. Then I've connected one PCMCIA D-link (model DUB-C2) with two
USB 2.0 ports. Then I've connected another USB HUB (D-Link DUB-H4)
which give me 4 USB 2.0 ports more. And finally my Ethernet adapter is
connected to one of these 4 USB ports (D-Link DUB-E100).

Well, I know this is not a normal or standard installation, but I need
all this USB ports and the Ethernet Adapter connected to the second
USB Hub.

During installation, the Ubuntu installer don't find any Ethernet
adapter, really I don't know if installer detects the two USB devices
between system and Ethernet adapter.

I've tested this configuration with other distributions, with SuSE
Professional, I've had to configure the network after the install
process has finished. But with different Knoppix distributions the
Live CD boot process detect all the devices correctly, all the USB
devices, ports, and connect my laptop to internet with no problem
throw a router (with DHCP).

Any idea? Is that configuration possible with Ubuntu, I think it
should only be a problem with the hardware detection during

I've not installed Ubuntu without the network, I think this would not
be the better way to activate all the distribution possibilities.

I speak with D-Link Support, and of course they don't seem to be
really interested on have any kind of device driver for its USB

Thanks in advance, 

Pere P.


Detailed hardware Configuration:

<<< 1 >>> --- <<< 2 >>> --- <<< 3 >>> --- <<< 4 >>> 

<<< 1>>> Laptop IBM ThinkPad PIII Celeton 700 192 Mb RAM 20 Gb HD with
10 GB with NTFS

<<< 2 >>> PCMCIA D-LINK DUB-C2 with 2 USB 2.0 ports

<<< 3 >>> HUB USB D-LINK DUB-H4 with 4 USB 2.0 ports

<<< 4 >>> USB Ethernet device D-LINK DUB-E100

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