New install, report and questions

Erik Bågfors Zindar at
Wed Sep 29 20:36:38 UTC 2004


Just installed ubuntu from the sounder 9 cd.  Everything worked nice.
I've yet to check if all the hardware can be used. I'll get back on

After installation I created another user to test, that one didn't
have admin rights and cannot use sudo.  That user still has all the
root-utilities in the menu, he/she can try to use synaptic but it
doesn't work. The first time I tried I got a question asking for the
users password, then nothing happened, no error message, no nothing.

After that I don't even get asked a password, it just doesn't do anything.

Either that user shouldn't get those items in the menu or there should
be a "you don't have administrative rights"-message showing up when
trying to use them.

Also, is it possible to change the setup for sudo so that instead of
the installer adding the user to /etc/sudoers it could add a group to
it?? That way it would be very easy to make a user an administrator
when creating a new user by simply adding that user to the group.

I think that's doable in sudo.

anyway, installation was really good, quick and painless. I wanted my
computer to talk english with me but I still wanted a swedish keyboard
and that worked just fine, however, I also want swedish spellchecking
and that I didn't get.

I think this is a very common scenario in a multi language environment. 

All in all, ubuntu is already a kick-ass distribution and will become
even better.  I can't wait for hoary!!


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