SB AWE32 non-PnP

Andrew Zbikowski andyzib at
Wed Sep 29 20:35:53 UTC 2004

Ouch, that is ancient. Remembering back to when I configured my awe32
under Debian (Slink? No wait, I think it was Bo!!!), I believe there
is a jumper on the card to toggle it in and out of PnP mode. Assuming
your motherboard supports ISA Plug and Play, going this route is
probably easier. Isapnp tools should be able to dump all the
information you need, then do the Plug and Play thing properly (As I
recall, you had to add a couple lines to the config to get midi
playback working, put pnpdump got everything for plain old sound
working just fine...)

Otherwise you're looking at insmod sb irq=XX etc etc etc, see the
module documentation. (The module documentation will be in your
kernel-doc package)

Also, a HOWTO still exisits at

Alternatively, find a Sound Blaster PCI or even a Sound Blaster
Liveā€¦or something PCI based. The amount of trouble you'll save
yourself is worth the 15 to 30 bucks.

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