What did I just update?

Nathan Palmer npalmer at thinktheweb.com
Wed Sep 29 19:22:20 UTC 2004

Colin Watson wrote:

>Have you tried apt-listchanges?
Gergely Nagy wrote:

>Install the apt-listchanges package, it might do just what you want.
By looking at the description it sounds like it might.  I'm assuming 
it's going to pop up in the console window when it's installing the 
packages.  That would definately be a step up from where I am at.  
Ultimately I would like to see some integration with the Package manager 
(I hear Ubuntu devs are working on a new/upgraded one).  If I could see 
what packages are ready to be upgraded with thier changelog, or view the 
changelog right before I install as a summary that would be great.  
Also, if it was integrated in the GUI.


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