What did I just update?

Guido Heumann listguido at web.de
Wed Sep 29 19:46:51 UTC 2004

Nathan Palmer schrieb:
> Colin Watson wrote:
>> Have you tried apt-listchanges?
>> Cheers,
> Gergely Nagy wrote:
>> Install the apt-listchanges package, it might do just what you want.
> By looking at the description it sounds like it might.  I'm assuming 
> it's going to pop up in the console window when it's installing the 
> packages.  That would definately be a step up from where I am at.  
> Ultimately I would like to see some integration with the Package manager 
> (I hear Ubuntu devs are working on a new/upgraded one).  If I could see 
> what packages are ready to be upgraded with thier changelog, or view the 
> changelog right before I install as a summary that would be great.  
> Also, if it was integrated in the GUI.
> Nathan

Somewhat helpful to get this information before installation is the menu 
option "download changelog" in the Debian Sarge version of Synaptic 
(currently 0.53.4-1, don't know in sid). Combined with the "upgradable" 
package listing can it be used to read the interesting changelogs right 
before the upgrade. (no package multi-selection possible though...)

Maybe this feature could be implemented also in the Ubuntu version?


PS: ok, after re-reading my text, I actually think this is not a typical 
"user" feature, and probably only useful during pre-release times... ;-) 
I quite like it anyway.

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