Windows partition always mounts owned by root

Jonathan Byrne jbyrne at
Wed Sep 29 18:20:53 UTC 2004


I have Ubuntu set up to dual-boot with XP (OK, I never use XP actually 
use XP, I just keep it there partly for political reasons and partly 
b/c I have some un-migrated data on it).  I created a /xp mount point 
for it, which is owned by my regular userid with 755 permissions.

/etc/fstab has /dev/hda2       /xp             auto    noauto,user,ro          
0       0

However, if I mount /xp (even issuing the mount command as an 
unprivileged user), it comes up as:

dr-x------    1 root     root         8192 Sep 16 23:00 /xp

I haven't experienced this behavior on other Linux flavors, including 
Debian Unstable (on my home systems) and Testing (on my notebook).  
What knob do I need to turn to fix this?  It smells like a umask    
problem, but that shouldn't cause the ownership to change to root, 
should it?  I haven't changed the umask in /etc/login.defs, it's 022.


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