Installing Ubuntu - 3c59x-prblem

Ingo Lantschner ingo.lists at
Wed Sep 29 13:11:10 UTC 2004

On Tue, 28 Sep 2004 19:57:47 -0700, Matt Zimmerman <mdz at>  

>> (Adaptec 2949 autodetected, DHCP-configuration seems ok).
sorry for the typo: it's Adaptec 2940 of course

>> After first reboot the problem:
>> 	pci.agent Segmentation fault
>> 	3c59x can't be loaded
>> 	missing kernel or usermodedriver 3c59x

> Does this happen consistently, every time you boot?
yes, it happened the first time during installation (during first regular  
reboot w/o the CD-ROM), and since then, no successfull boot was possible -  
even not in recoverymode.

> What kind of network card do you have?

> Any other messages?
Yes a whole screen full of them, since the computer stops, I can not make  
a real screenshot, I can make photo and send the bitmap offlist to you if  
you like.
Some catchwords:

Stack: and lots of Hexnumbers

Call Trace: followed by several line starting with squarebrackets

and then the messages already mentioned with pci.agent and that the kerner  
or usermodedriver is missing.

Anyway, thanks for your help, hope we can figure this out, ... Ingo.

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