kernel-2.6.8 source deb not available in Ubuntu repositories

Thom May thom at
Wed Sep 29 12:16:09 UTC 2004

* Mark Cooke (lists at wrote :
> As I mentioned to a reply to a previous thread, there is a problem with
> cdrecord, k3b even other burning GUI's apparently have problems with
> kernel 2.6.8 and
> There is a patch available:
> And I would like to know if this fix's the problem, but I'm unable to
> retrieve or even find the Ubuntu kernel-source deb, if I install my Sid
> built kernel-2.6.7, this fix's the problem, but I would like run 2.6.8
> from Ubuntu if possible.

it's called linux-source (linux-source-, specifically) in ubuntu.
That sounds like a lot of work... Can we out source?
The Revolution will not be outsourced!
(Slick/Monique - Sinfest)

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