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Wed Sep 29 11:10:41 UTC 2004

Am 29.09.2004 um 12:00 schrieb sparkes:

> Karsten Fischer wrote:
>> I seriously think that the quality of user-specific documentation is 
>> a key feature for the success of any Operating System./
>> /
> agreed.
> One or two flaws with the plan though.  As you suggest the timetable 
> is a little optimistic but you also vastly underestimate the amount of 
> manpower required.  Although the core team of co-ordinators can be 
> kept small you will require many, many times their number just to get 
> the english version out of the door and a large number of people (or a 
> small team who are *very* dedicated for each language)

True enough. But then, if the game would be that easy everyone could 
play it :) Now, seriously, it is a challenging task, granted, but I 
think it might be successful. Thats why I think some special funding 
for the aforementioned core group should get thinks done.

Trust me, one can write quite a lot during a day :)

> I would have thought documentation is planned for the next release and 
> Cannonical will release staff to co-ordinate/write some extra docs 
> once they have the first release out of the door.

Probably. If so I will gladly step down and let them do that - and 
cross my fingers that Canonical's writers will have that mentioned 
user-centric scenario in mind while creating the documentary.

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