Synaptic error messages when hitting certain archives (WAS: Interesting apt-get problem)

Bob D. bob_beyng553 at
Tue Sep 28 23:29:38 UTC 2004


> > 
> the errors you see are caused by the fact that the main and restricted
> entrys for warty are doubled in your sources list.
> comment out these lines:
> deb warty main restricted
> deb-src warty main restricted
> and synaptic will stop complaining.

<Bob slapping forehead> Oh for crying out loud, I see it now! I had to
uncomment the 2 lines with universe AND comment out the lines with just
2 entries. Thank you Oli!

> to the maintainers: 
> shouldn't the universe line just contain universe ? 
> i'd consider this a bug... 

or instructions in the file to comment out the other two lines? I guess
it's obvious to most users to do this, but a noob like me follows the
instructions *exactly* to avoid getting in trouble. :) 



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