Where are the forums?!

Benjamin Edwards bedwards at rnli.org.uk
Tue Sep 28 13:44:32 UTC 2004

I agree, I quite like PHPbb2 (http://www.phpbb.com/).  I have installed ti in several places.  IMO it has a good balance between flexibility and complexity.

The only problem is that having both forum and email support can tend to dilute both.  An integrated system where both interfaces could be used but I guess threading of messages could be a problem.


>>> list <list at notthemessiah.net> 09/28/04 02:29pm >>>
It seems that for this sort of heavy traffic, it would be better to have a  
forum that people could easily search, post, browse, etc. I get some of my  
best tech support on forums, and it seems like it would seriously cut down  
on redundant mail list questions.

I really like linuxquestions.org, and they have a section dedicated to  
specific distros--their only requirement is that the forum is 'official'  
meaning that someone from the ubuntu project will need to be the liason  
between the two groups.


Anyways, if anyone knows where some pre-existing forums are, wants to try  
linuxquestions, or has some advice for me--then feel free to let me/us  
know :)


PS. I'm writing this from ubuntu, and it seems like a damn good start!  
keep it up ;)

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