Where are the forums?!

list list at notthemessiah.net
Tue Sep 28 13:29:35 UTC 2004

It seems that for this sort of heavy traffic, it would be better to have a  
forum that people could easily search, post, browse, etc. I get some of my  
best tech support on forums, and it seems like it would seriously cut down  
on redundant mail list questions.

I really like linuxquestions.org, and they have a section dedicated to  
specific distros--their only requirement is that the forum is 'official'  
meaning that someone from the ubuntu project will need to be the liason  
between the two groups.

Hell, I would even be willing to try hosting the forums (but I don't know  
that I have enough experience, or the equipment to handle the load **not  
to mention that I just started school**). I am on a 1.5/256 DSL  
connection, and judging by the amount of mail there is here, there's  
probably no way my connection could handle it--and if it somehow could, I  
don't know if my little PIII 500MHz server would hold up either?

Anyways, if anyone knows where some pre-existing forums are, wants to try  
linuxquestions, or has some advice for me--then feel free to let me/us  
know :)


PS. I'm writing this from ubuntu, and it seems like a damn good start!  
keep it up ;)

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