KDE menu/font appearance, without KDE.

Mark C lists at funkypenguin.net
Mon Sep 27 21:05:59 UTC 2004

Fred Blaise wrote:

> What do I need to do to be able to change the fonts of the menus? Do I need to
> install the full-blown KDE? I used kde just a few times over the last few
> years...

I get this is main stream debian as well as Ubuntu, as I only use k3b 
for my cd/dvd burning.

It should be the same for Ubuntu as for main stream debian,
just apt-get install kcontrol

then run kcontrol and adjust the fonts under the AFAIK desktop option, 
you will have to close any current kde apps, once done you can remove 
kcontrol (unless you wish to alter the fonts again).


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