Install Ubuntu Warti on a Dell Inspiron 8000

Eric SCHAEFFER eschaeffer at
Mon Sep 27 15:47:12 UTC 2004


I've installed Ubunton on my latop (Dell Inspiron 8000).
I've downloaded the iso image from the web site link (not a daily

First step install:
It freezes. I must add "noapic nolapic" options to the standard boot.

Installation reboot:
It also freezes. I had to edit the grub entry to add the same options
(grub is really cool ;).

After the installation completes, I edited the grub menu.lst file to add
the options to the entry.

I use Linux for some time (I'm not a expert), and I wasn't lost. But for
a newby, maybe there's someting to do to handle this.
The more confusion thing is that if I choose to add options at the
install prompt, I don't find them in the generated grub file...

Hope it can help someone.


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