Skype is not free software

Benjamin Edwards bedwards at
Mon Sep 27 12:52:19 UTC 2004

I agree but recon its still worth clarifying.  Public Domain is probably another usefull term (not herd that for a bit).

The interesting question is what is the term for software that douse not cost any monay to aquire or use.  Having using the word free in the libre way is good but using free (as in bear) all the time is hardly an elegent solution.


>>> William Anderson <william.anderson at> 09/27/04 12:19pm >>>
Benjamin Edwards wrote:
> It seems to be free (as in bear) but not Open Source. Discussions as to 
> wether software is 'free' need to define wether they means the geek 
> version of free or the common usage.

Free as in 'libre' is hardly a 'geek' version or definition of the word. 
  Non-free has always (afair) been used in Debian to describe software 
which is not distributed under a Free or Open licence, so it makes sense 
to extend that meaning here, no?

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