Debian apt sources vs. Ubuntu apt sources (answer an a question)

Benjamin Edwards bedwards at
Mon Sep 27 12:36:22 UTC 2004

That is correct, they should not be mixed.  There is however a remarked out source refured to as universe.  This allowes you to use 'unsurorted' packages and includes some not even it the debian tree.

What I am not sure about is how this affects securety patches and the state of flux in universe.  So if I use universe will I get securety (or eny other patches) and is univers more like debian testing (with most working most of the time) or unstable (whitch is a bit more exiting/my the seat of your pants.


What I am unsure about 

>>> Daniel McLean <daniel.mclean at> 09/27/04 11:57am >>>

I'm just wondering which apt source should be used as the ubuntu faq
says that debian and ubuntu apt packages shouldn't be mixed??


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