Replacement for "Fair Use Wizard"?

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Mon Sep 27 11:15:27 UTC 2004

Someone may of written a script to do this.  I managed it using dvdbackup (to rip DVD) . The Linux philosiphy is programs are designed to do one thing well rather than singing and dancing.  You may have to write a script to do what you want but this means the individual programs are of mutch greater use.  People do however write 'wrapper' gui apps.  

Have a look at:-, a slashdot thread about DVD recording.


>>> "Shawn Milo" <ShawnMilo at> 09/24/04 08:16pm >>>
There is an application called "Fair Use Wizard," which 
will extract a DVD movie into a DivX file. It is fully
automated, only requiring the user to specify an output file
size (for quality selection) before getting to work. 

Unfortunately, the program is only for Windows.  Is there
a Linux replacement for this?

I do not want something where multiple apps are required 
(one to extract the VOBs, one to do the conversion, etc.)

I do not want to have to have to pass several arguments to
the application at the command line, although I have no problem
with a command-line application.

The application must have the ability to create one DivX file
automatically from a feature-length movie, and to create several
individual DivX files if the DVD contains episodes, such as 
"The Simpsons."

Does such an application exist?

Thank you,

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