Mounting CD/DVD's and

J.B. Nicholson-Owens jbn at
Mon Sep 27 07:09:33 UTC 2004

Ethan King wrote:
> I have noticed that after a restart Ubuntu does not mount CD/DVD's 
> automatically like it does when the drive is opened and then closed. I am 
> not sure if this is a bug or if there is some reasoning behind it.

I've seen this behavior on other GNU/Linux distributions such as Fedora Core.
If you open the CD/DVD drive and close it (with the disc inside), the disc is
handled as it should be.  If you already have the disc in the drive then reboot
and login, the disc is not "seen" at all.

I'd guess that the automatic mounter or whatever program handles playing audio
CDs, mounting data discs, etc. is programmed to only look at the CD and DVD
drives when the drive is closed (or perhaps when the drive signals that there
is media in it).  Perhaps this program should be altered to look at the drive
when the program runs so it can handle discs properly from the moment the
console user logs in.

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