Martin Maney ubuntu at two14.net
Sun Sep 26 22:37:15 UTC 2004

Odds and ends I notice as I poke at this, trying to decide if I dare
unleash Cally on this new thing...

"File Roller" has some positioning problems with its dialogs. 
Archive/Open pops up too far to the left and/or bottom (when the main
window is close enoug to the left side or the bottom); seems to avoid
top and right just fine.  It and other apps don't seem to have any
memory for window sizes, and defaults that seem tailored for very small

Do the settings for the terminal in "preferred applications" affect
anything?  Not the "terminal" item.  And how come something as basic a
a text terminal can't be assigned a shortcut?  Okay, Cally might not
care about these two, but between them they make this a non-starter for
my desktop - I live in xterms.  :-)

Hmmmm, and I see that Firefox doesn't care that I've setup the squid
proxy by way of desktop prefs.

Microsoft, which used to say all the time that the software business
was ruthlessly competitive, is now matched against a competitor whose
model of production and distribution is so much better that Microsoft
stands no chance of prevailing in the long run. They're simply trying
to scare people out of dealing with a competitor they can't buy,
can't intimidate and can't stop. -- Eben Moglen

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