Paco Ros paco at bergantells.net
Sun Sep 26 21:46:45 UTC 2004


Does anybody know if current problems with GRUB + XFS are going to be 
solved soon?

I'm trying to install in a new box that came with 2 partitions: one is 
the rescue system and the other one is a windows system

I've resized the second one and planned to install Ubuntu. I choose hda3 
for swap and hda4 for root FS using XFS. If I try to install grub 
(grub-install) it hangs (as previosly adviced by the installer).

Same problem with Debian Sarge installer RC1.

What about LILO? It doesn't work at installer. Why are you using GRUB 
with these problems having LILO? (I don't know if LILO has other problems)


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