Intermittent crash early in boot up - kernel oops?

Raphaƫl Berbain raphael.berbain at
Sun Sep 26 10:53:15 UTC 2004

Matt Zimmerman <mdz at> writes:

> This is (part of):

Yes, it looks like this BR.  But this machine is not K6-based, it's a
PIII.  As I suspected something related to the bootsplash (before I
understood this feature wasn't there yet...), I also removed the
splash parameter to boot.  I guessed what happened is that I booted,
then upgraded, thus correcting the problem, so I didn't see it again.

What's weird is I tried to reinstall from scratch, in order to
reproduce it.  I must have fumbled somewhere, because I didn't see the
problem on the second install.  That's what made me say h/w issue.

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