Kernel Sources

Danuvius danuvius at
Sat Sep 25 19:07:25 UTC 2004

Does Ubuntu have full kernel-sources available on the installation CD?

My friend has a winmodem, which actually has linux drivers available
for it that are quite simple to install... usually.

Unfortunately, the driver has to do some autoconfiguration after it is
installed; and it seems to require the running kernel's source to be
installed.  From what I could tell, Ubuntu's installation CD only has
kernel headers but not kernel sources.

Not being able to go online, I could not use apt-get to download from
the online repository.  (where I am certain--though do not know for a
fact--a kernel sources package could be found)  My only other option
is to download the .deb package from another internet connection. 
Unfortunately, I could not orient myself on the ubuntu ftp to find
where the actual .deb files are located.

So in the end, I had to give up.  I realise that normally kernel
sources should not be necessary for a basic setup... but in this case,
it was necessary: no internet without kernel-sources, not
kernel-sources without internet.  I should mention, I did of course
install everything else just fine... but, of course without internet,
it was all for naught.

Sorry for going on so long... essentially, I am just wondering is
there anything I could have done?  Or if not, are there plans to add
the kernel sources to the installation CD in future releases?

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