Installation Report (AMD64/MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum)

Patrick Cherry patch-ubuntu at
Sat Sep 25 10:13:37 UTC 2004


I've just installed a Ubuntu on my shiny new box.  It all works fine,
I'm happy to say.  The only hiccough was during the network detection:
this motherboard has two ethernet sockets, and I had to guess which one
was the one being used for the dhcp probing.  The interesting thing was
that it used one during automatic network detection in the install, and
the other on booting up afterwards!  I hope that I'm not going to have
to randomly swap the cable over on each boot up!

Anyway, here are the gory details:

MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (Socket 939) nVidia nForce 3

Modules used:
-> SATA : nv_sata
-> IDE : amd74xx
-> Audio: snd_intel8x0
-> Gigabit Ethernet: r8169 / forcedeth (for the port nearest the audio
-> Firewire: ohci1394
-> USB2: ehci / ohci 

All these were autodetected on boot, which is great.  I'm now going to
try the nvidia AMD64 drivers for the chipset.  This should get the
second gigabit ethernet connection working properly, as well as the
`correct' driver for the audio.

Looking at dmesg, I get a _lot_ of:
nv_sata: Primary device added
nv_sata: Primary device removed
nv_sata: Secondary device added
nv_sata: Secondary device removed
 ... in fact 250 times a second!

I had a quick google for these messages and came up with TWO hits, both
linking to the kernel source, so I was wondering if this was an ubuntu
issue, or a kernel issue, or indeed if anyone else gets these messages!

Apart from that, everything works fine!


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