ubuntu-users Digest, Vol 1, Issue 159

Andy Jarvis andrew.jarvis at kolumbus.fi
Sat Sep 25 09:06:48 UTC 2004

I added the line as described and rebooted. When I tried to mount the
device I was told:
	mount: mount point /media/windows does not exist
What do I need to do or create in this location.
Apologies for my ignorance.

One further unrelated question: I thought I had seen a file manager tool
somewhere similar to windows explorer. But I cannot find it now. Was I
hallucinating. Does such a tool exist? What is it? When I query the help
in nautilus it mentions something about tree views, but I cannot seem to
find how to activate this.


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> Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 14:12:49 -0400
> From: Nathaniel McCallum <npmccallum at canonical.com>
> Subject: Re: NTFS config in fstab?
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> On Fri, 2004-09-24 at 21:04 +0300, Andy Jarvis wrote:
> > Hi, Just a quick question from a lazy person: can anyone suggest a
> basic
> > set of params to add in fstab to mount my NTFS /dev/hda1? If I can
> just
> > read the data it would be something, to be able to write data back
> > without corrupting anything (ahem) would be great. Thanks
> You should be able to mount read only this way:
> /dev/hda1       /media/windows  ntfs    ro      0       0
> Obviously you'll need to tweak it a bit if your needs are differently.
> NTFS writing is not currently stable and I don't think it is enabled
> in
> our kernel, but I'm not 100% sure on that.
> Nathaniel

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