PPC, PPP, Gnome Networking and wvdial

Carlos Escutia Chávez carlosescutia at gmail.com
Sat Sep 25 03:03:37 UTC 2004

>  - install wvdial from universe
>  - run wvdialconf
>  - add ppc_generic to /etc/module
>  - run pppconfig
>  - have a look at the GNOME networking manager(wvdial front-end) and
> mess around with the options, ie. stop ppp0 and eth0 from starting on
> boot up etc.
>  - dont connect through GNOME networking manager
>  - run sudo wvdial to connect
>  - you may have to manually set your DNS server entries - wont work
> for me unless I did this ?? (you can use the GNOME network manager for
> this)

won't it be easier to add gnome-ppp to main or universe?

I don't see a lot of non-techie people messing with wvdial and
/etc/modules. It has to be easier.

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