Ctrl-click = mouse_button3 ... WORKS!!

MaX max at maximumdebian.org
Fri Sep 24 23:47:18 UTC 2004

for your problem is better to ask to the developer.

i think that we can propose to Colin Leroy, to add in the Readme.txt 
some note in order to help us to determinate the correct value.
....And the corrects keys by model. :-)

for example:

# tibook spanish (but can work for all tibook keyboards i think)
#MID_CLICK="-middle 125 272"    # Command- click
#RIGHT_CLICK="-right 29 272"    # Control-click
#SCROLL="-scroll 56"            # Alt key + mouse move up and down
#TYPING_BLOCK="-typing-block 300" # block mouse for 300ms after a
# imac G3 266 uk keyboard
#MID_CLICK="-middle xyx xyz"    # Command- click
#RIGHT_CLICK="-right xyx xyz"   # Control-click
#SCROLL="-scroll xyx xyz"       # Alt key + mouse move up and down
#TYPING_BLOCK="-typing-block 300" # block mouse for 300ms after a

.... and so on... i will propose this asap.


Il giorno Sep 24, 2004, alle 5:53 PM, Rob Diehl ha scritto:

> Figured out the problem.. it's now working. The only thing that 
> doesn't work is scrolling. When I map the scroll function to a key, 
> the key just causes the mouse pointer to freeze but moving the mouse 
> while holding down the key doesn't cause the window to scroll. Does 
> anyone have any ideas?
> Also, the behavior of the Apple/Command key is weird according to 
> showkey. If you press the key, a '96 released' code is send. Holding 
> down the key, the keyboard picks up 91 pressed, 96 released, 91 
> pressed, 96 released  .... and when letting up the key it sends a 91 
> released.
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