Firefox Annoyance, Bugs?

bill g inboxbillg at
Thu Sep 23 17:55:21 UTC 2004

I'm seeing a bit of annoying behavior in Firefox.

1) Unless Firefox is completely maximized, roughly the lower half of
the status bar is obscured beneath the lower panel.  Ditto the
resizing gizmo.  (On both the current 1.0 prerelease and the version
that shipped with Ubuntu last week. ) I've not seen this elsewhere, so
maybe there's an easy fix? Assuming others notice it, too, that is.

2) Probably a Firefox bug, but the "find next" and "find previous"
functions, in the new "find bar" that opens just above the status bar
in response to a Ctrl-F, don't seem to work. I.e., enter a search
phrase, click on "find next" or "find previous", or simply hit Return,
and nothing happens. The "Highlight" button does work, but it doesn't
move the display to first hit.

3. Clicking on mailto: links sporadically causes Firefox (the 1.0
prerelease) to go "poof":  off screen, process killed, all gone.


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