language en but qwertz keyboard

Mark Shuttleworth mark at
Thu Sep 23 15:29:16 UTC 2004

Hi Torsten

We're bringing back the keyboard selection question to the installer. 
I'd preferred not to ask this, since most people have no idea what the 
correct answer is, and people who don't use the default usually do so 
deliberately and thus should carry the burden of fixing it for 
themselves :-). However, having the wrong keyboard setup makes it 
impossible to login in some cases, which sank my ambition to eliminate 
the question altogether. So in the final warty release, the installer 
will ask this.

To fix it now, try:

 sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-data

Torsten Curdt wrote:

> With the usual debian installer I can select language
> en but still can set the "qwertz" keyboard. This step
> is skipped by the ubuntu installer. (what about adding
> this as optional step?)
> Can I adjust this at install time? (bootoption?) Or should
> I choose language en and reconfigure the base system afterwards?
> cheers
> -- 
> Torsten

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