importing KMail messages into Evolution

Michel Klijmij michel at
Thu Sep 23 08:11:30 UTC 2004

Op do, 23-09-2004 te 07:02 +0200, schreef flubie:
> I've been a long time user of KMail and now I'm using Evolution. I tried
> to import my old KMail messages, using File>Import and then chose
> "Import a single file" and select MBox as Filetype option. But it didn't
> succeed. Is there a solution for this?

For reasons unclear to me, going from KMail to Evolution is horrible. I
managed it, though. What I did was first convert my KMail maildirs (it's
all Maildir by default I think) to mbox format and import those. The
converting I did with the script at and
qmail's maildir2mbox . This worked quite well (found all my folders and

If your folders are already in mbox format and it doesn't work, I can't
help you though. 

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