importing KMail messages into Evolution

John dingo at
Thu Sep 23 05:24:38 UTC 2004

flubie wrote:

>I've been a long time user of KMail and now I'm using Evolution. I tried
>to import my old KMail messages, using File>Import and then chose
>"Import a single file" and select MBox as Filetype option. But it didn't
>succeed. Is there a solution for this?

I have not tried the conversion, but I might. For this technique, you 
need good access to an IMAP server. If you don't have that and can't set 
it up yourself, wait for the next handy hint. This sounds too good to me 
not to propose;-)

Create an IMAP folder.

Copy mail from a kmail folder mail to it.
Move the mail in the folder to your chosen Evolurion folder.

Repeat for each folder.

Configure new filters.

The seed for this idea is the fact I regularly use four email clients on 
_this_ computer on several IMAP email accounts. Some of the folders I 
use with more than one IMAP client.

And then I use some other computers, one a Mac running OS X, and use 
different email clients on those.

Sharing imap folders is _the_ way to share email folders.

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