Samba and "Network -> Windows Network"

Nelson ubuntu at
Thu Sep 23 08:07:44 UTC 2004

Hi All,

Please be gentle with me, im new to the linux. I believe there is a
problem with the implementation of "Network" interface.

When I browse my network using the "Windows Network" method I can see
all of the machines, but only connect to XP workstation. When I try to
connect to the Windows 2003 Servers, I get a permissions error. Now,
when I try "Connect to Server" method, I fill out the details and enter
my password when asked, it responds by asking for the password again. I
have also added a computer account to Windows server for my Unbuntu
machine then repeated these steps with the same results.

Now, I believe you are all thinking "mate your password is wrong or your
Windows server is screwed". Let me carry on;

If I enter the path in the location bar of the file browser to connect
to the same shares on the same machines using the same username and
password, it works! :) (likewise using smbclient)

So, my question is, is anybody else experiencing the same symptoms?

On a completely different note, I installed Ubuntu on the worst, no-name
hardware I could find, and it supported all of my hardware (almost)
flawlessly. A job very well done by the Ubuntu team, Congratulations.



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