Samba and "Network -> Windows Network"

Nelson ubuntu at
Thu Sep 23 13:32:21 UTC 2004

I solved my own problem. Well at least I found the answer to my problem.

It seems entering 'servername' in the server field and 'sharename' in
the share field is not sufficient. After trying numerous more ways of
setting this up, I came up with entering 'servername/sharename' in the
server field and leaving the share field blank. This is very counter-
intuative, but it works. FYI.


On Thu, 2004-09-23 at 18:07 +1000, Nelson wrote:
> Hi All,
> Please be gentle with me, im new to the linux. I believe there is a
> problem with the implementation of "Network" interface.
> When I browse my network using the "Windows Network" method I can see
> all of the machines, but only connect to XP workstation. When I try to
> connect to the Windows 2003 Servers, I get a permissions error. Now,
> when I try "Connect to Server" method, I fill out the details and enter
> my password when asked, it responds by asking for the password again. I
> have also added a computer account to Windows server for my Unbuntu
> machine then repeated these steps with the same results.
> Now, I believe you are all thinking "mate your password is wrong or your
> Windows server is screwed". Let me carry on;
> If I enter the path in the location bar of the file browser to connect
> to the same shares on the same machines using the same username and
> password, it works! :) (likewise using smbclient)
> So, my question is, is anybody else experiencing the same symptoms?
> On a completely different note, I installed Ubuntu on the worst, no-name
> hardware I could find, and it supported all of my hardware (almost)
> flawlessly. A job very well done by the Ubuntu team, Congratulations.
> -- 
> Regards,
> Nelson

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