How do you automatically mount a Samba share?

Markus Kolb ubuntu-ml at
Thu Sep 23 00:16:31 UTC 2004

On 23.09.2004 02:04, Fábio Mendes schrieb:
> On Wed, 2004-09-22 at 15:05 -0400, Shawn Milo wrote:

>>Yes, it will do that.  I've used that in the past.  But I would still have
>>to launch LinNeighborhood every time I log in.  No good.  Is there
>>no automatic way in Gnome or Ubuntu to do this?  
> You said you can do it from the command line. so just create a script
> which do the trick and add it in "Startup Programs" at gnome-session-
> manager. If you don't know how to make a script, you just need to create
> a text file with each command you need to type in a different line and
> put #!/bin/bash in the 1st line. Mark this file as executable (either in
> nautilus or by chmod +x filename.

Is there some place for executing scripts before logout, too?


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