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Al Simcoe alsimcoe at
Wed Sep 22 22:11:01 UTC 2004

On Sep 22, 2004, at 5:46 PM, Crispian Thorne wrote:

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> Would it be possible to add a "Reply To: ubuntu-users at"
> line in the headers?
> Every other list I'm subscribed to has this so that when you hit reply
> it goes back to the list (rather than just the author of that email).
> I'm sure it probably screws up the threading in mail clients that do
> that if you have to compose a new email to reply to a thread.
> Not a huge thing, but just thought it'd be nice :)

Me also. I have the same difficulty.

If I click on "Reply", I get the Author's address in the "To:" field.
So, I have to click on the "Reply to All" field , rather than
the "Reply" field.

Then delete the author's name in the To: field.
Then I have to move the list's address that
is in the "CC:"  field to the "TO:" field.

Something like scratching your left ear with your right hand.

Al SImcoe

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