Intel 925X Chipset

Paco Ros paco at
Wed Sep 22 13:32:49 UTC 2004


I'm going to buy a new Desktop PC and I'm thinking in installing Ubuntu.
Here is some hardware details:
- Intel 925X Chipset
- ATI X300 PCI Express graphics cards

I'm looking for extra info on Google and I don't find anything useful.
- Xorg tells that X300 cards are supported (2D only) but doesn't tell if they 
are supported with PCI Express or AGP Bus.
- Can't find anything related to 925X Chipset. Some generic info about 915X. 
I've downloaded the last stable kernel source and looked for chipset support 
by using make xconfig. I've found explicit references to i865 in AGP section, 
but nothing about 875, 915 or 925.

Does anybody know which is the lastest Intel chipset support status?
Does anybody know if PCI Express bus is supported?
Does anybody know if Xorg supports ATI X300 PCI Express graphics cards?

Thanks in advance for your responses :-)
Paco Ros

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