Problem Installing GDM themes

R S Gill rsgill at
Wed Sep 22 04:06:32 UTC 2004

The way that I did it was to navigate to Computer|System 
Configuration|Login Screen Setup.

There I selected the Graphical Greeter tab and clicked on Install New Theme.

I then broswed to the compressed file that contained the theme I wanted 
to install and clicked Install.

The new theme then showed up in the list of available themes.

I hope this helps


volvoguy wrote:

>On Tue, 21 Sep 2004 22:04:39 -0500, Ethan King <ferrill at> wrote:
>>I am relatively new to Linux and Ubuntu but it appears that using the
>>default settings the first user created does not have the appropriate
>>permissions to install new GDM themes like the ones found at
>>Just wondering if that is really the case or if I am missing something.
>I haven't tried that specifically, but it may just be something that
>you normally need to do as root. Try putting "sudo" in front of the
>command you're using now. It will prompt you for your password before
>it does anything.
>If you're trying to do it via a GUI, I don't have a clue. (man, I
>never thought I'd say that). :)
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